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The best water filters of 2023

We filtered through the best options for clean drinking water on the go and at home.

Water filters may seem like devices that mostly come up when people talk about travels to the backcountry or other countries, but they can be important tools everywhere. Tap water goes through a fantastic journey from rivers and reservoirs through pipes of many sizes to flow through your faucet. Drinking water in the U.S. from public water systems is among the safest in the world, but many households opt for additional filtration. Filtering often focuses on removing funky tastes, smells, and sediment, though many filtration systems also reduce other potentially harmful chemicals. We dove into specifications and certifications of small portable systems up to countertop water dispensers to surface the best water filters for a glass of fresh-tasting H2O.

Best overall: Brita Large Water Filter Pitcher

Best pitcher: Brita Large Stream Filter as You Pour

Best faucet: PUR PLUS Faucet Mount Water Filtration System

Best water bottle: LifeStraw Go Series

Best backpacking: Sawyer Products SP129 Squeeze Water Filtration System

Best countertop: Brita Hub

Best budget: PUR PLUS 30-Cup Dispenser

Find the full round up of best water filters from Heather Kulldell here.


October 21, 2023

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Heather Kuldell

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The proudest moment, the most fulfilling moment, was sitting and having a cup of tea with a village elder. We had come out to check on his village and the Sawyer filters we had given them and also to deliver some of that plastic sheeting.

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We believe that when the peer-reviewed data is published it will show how effective the Sawyer PointOne hollow fiber membrane filter is at eliminating waterborne disease in one of the largest urban slums in Africa.

The Bucket Ministry


If you want a solution for long trips and outings to the backcountry, the Sawyer Products Insect Repellent offers up to 14 hours of protection and is the strongest formula available.

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