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Amazon’s Huge Summer Sale Includes Tons of Great Outdoor Gear

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, summer looks very different this year. While you may not be hoping on a plane for a grand vacation, camping and hiking trips are some of the few activities you can do while practicing social distancing. Fortunately, Amazon is currently running a huge Summer Sale, including up to 35 percent off tons of outdoor gear, so you can stock up on everything you need to make the most of the end of the summer.

While Amazon is no stranger to sales, it’s not every day that we see so many great deals on outdoor supplies that rival Prime Day. So whether you need to replace a few items or start your camping collection from scratch, Amazon has you covered.

The only question is what should you buy? We have some ideas. If you want to make your night under the stars more enjoyable, consider Klymit’s Static V insulated sleeping pad. Want to turn an unassuming lake into your own personal water fountain? Add Swayer’s mini filtration kit and a Stanley insulated bottle to your cart. If you’re new to taking longer trips outdoors, you’ll find a lot to love about Osprey’s backpacks. When the savings are this good, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the gear available below.

Discover the best deals through Popular Mechanics's article here.


May 4, 2022

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Fresh drinking water is essential. This water filtration system ensures you will never run out as long as there is a nearby natural water source. It can filter out bacteria, protozoa and microplastics.

Allen Foster


Faster and more efficient than pumping or waiting for chemical treatments, the Sawyer Squeeze System offers on-the-go hydration at a good flow. This product is long-lasting, affordable, reliable, cleanable, and very user-friendly.

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But Sawyer was way ahead of me — 15 years ahead, to be precise. In 2008, the brand started its Clean Water for All initiative, which provides Sawyer filters to developing countries around the world. And the company spends 90% of its profits funding it.

Shauna Farnell