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Beta Editors’ Choice: Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Water, water, everywhere, so let's all have a drink

Not all riders are lucky enough to have trails near natural bodies of water. And those who do may only see that water during a short (and probably shrinking) time of year. That's why it alwas surprises me when I'm the only person on a ride who carries a water filter. Most of the deepest valleys that cleave my local mountains are traced with year-round flowing creeks that make it possible to do all-day rides with just two water bottles. This is a relatively new thing. Emerging from efforts to eliminate water-borne diseases and parasites in developing countries, the compact water filter isn't much more than 20 years old. Maybe that's why we're slow on the uptake. It goes against our modern instincts to drink from anywhere bu the faucet or a bottle. I remember feeling like I was doing something wrong when I first userd one. Like the first time I had an indoor conversation with someone while not wearing a face mask. Both took a bit of a leap, but bother are so refreshing that you'll wonder how you went without for so long.

There are plenty of compact filters out there, and they rake several forms. Continue reading to learn about Beta Editors Choice, the Sawyer Mini Water Filter, written by Travis Engel.


December 3, 2023

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