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The Best Mosquito Repellents of 2023

These repellents won't let mosquitoes suck the fun out of summer.

Summer is barbecues, fishing trips, and the distinct high-pitched hum of a mosquito zeroing in on your ear. The latter can ruin your summer fun with constant swatting and the eventual itching. But, mosquito repellent can save the day. To help you find the best mosquito repellent for your needs, I tested a bunch of them in my mosquito-infested woods to find repellents that are effective and user friendly. Here are my picks:

Best Overall: Coleman Insect Repellent SkinSmart

Best for Backyards: Thermacell EX90

Best Small Bottle: Repel 100

Best Lotion: Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent Lotion

Best for Treating Clothing: Sawyer Permethrin

Best Portable Device: Thermacell MR450 Armored Mosquito Repeller

Best Natural: Murphy’s Naturals Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Mosquito & Tick Repellent Spray

Best Device for Backpacking: Backpacker Mosquito Repeller

Continue reading more about the various mosquito repellents here.


October 20, 2023

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