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Use These Repellents to Avoid Tick Bites

Story by Ryan Wichelns, Tony Carrick


4) Permethrin Fabric Treatment


Ticks will often catch a ride on your clothes before crawling their way to the closest patch of skin. Sawyer makes an excellent Permethrin treatment that can make sure they never make it past your pants, socks, or shirt. Simply spray down clothing, backpacks, tents, and other gear. Once applied, the permethrin will kill any ticks that get on your clothes.

You can safely apply Sawyer fabric treatment to plastics, finished surfaces, and most outdoor gear along with clothing and fabric. A single application lasts through six washes or up to 42 days of UV ray exposure.

Sawyer, like all permethrin treatments, is intended for fabrics and gear. Do not use it directly on your skin. Only apply it to clothes when you’re not in them, and wait at least two hours for your treated duds to dry before you wear them.

Continue reading therest of the repellent options to avoid tick bites here.


October 20, 2023

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