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Water Purification Options for Bugging Out

Water is one of the most important requirements of survival. You can only live for about 72 hours without it. And you can only properly function for about 24 hours without drinking water. After that, it’s a roll of the dice whether or not you’d be able to tie your own shoes. So obviously, having ways to remain hydrated during a bug-out scenario or even just activity out in the field should be prioritized. The problem is that we can only carry so much water thanks to how heavy it is. This means you will have to anticipate acquiring more water frequently. Unfortunately, most of the water we can easily collect in the wild is non-potable. This is exactly why we need ways to purify it so that we can drink it safely and keep a healthy level of hydration throughout any endeavor.

Here are some water purification options that work well, are light enough to carry, and easy to use. Find the full article here.


December 8, 2023

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