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The Best Tick Repellents to Ward Off Those Annoying Pests

Among the various critters that lurk in our homes, perhaps one of the most dangerous is the tick. Ticks are blood-sucking bugs that are commonly found in pets but are known to find their way onto the skin of an unsuspecting human every now and then. Ticks aren’t just gross - they’re deadly and disease-spreading, so you’ll need to keep your family safe from this threat. While there are many ways to keep ticks at bay, perhaps the most popular method of doing so is with the help of tick repellent. They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and spraying a harmless formula on your skin does beat having to visit the hospital. Consider these tick repellents for your next camping trip or simply for everyday use.

Buyer's Guide: Tick Repellent

We’ll give you a brief rundown on what to expect when buying tick repellents and how you should choose the right one for your family.

What Is a Tick Repellent?

A tick repellent is a substance that is applied on one’s skin or on other surfaces to deter ticks from being on those surfaces. Tick repellents usually come in spray form and can be used on furniture, bags, and more.

How Tick Repellents Work

It is important to understand how tick repellents work. In order to do this, we first need to understand how ticks function in the first place. Now, while this may come as a shock to some, ticks aren’t actually insects - they’re arachnids, meaning that they’re more closely related to spiders than, say, cockroaches. This means that they don’t use antennae to sense their surroundings.

So how do ticks “smell”? Well, with the help of a little something known as the Haller’s organ. It’s found on their forelegs, and this gives them an easy way to get more information on what they’re currently touching. It lets them know if the conditions of the skin they’re currently on are ideal to feed on.

Now, tick repellents work by deterring ticks from wanting to stay on your skin. In other words, the repellent makes your skin seem like less-than-ideal conditions for ticks. This is mostly thanks to the compounds found in repellent formulas - they contain things that ticks just don’t like, and even if they end up on your skin, they won’t feel like feasting on your blood, no matter how tempting it may be.

It’s also worth noting that tick repellents do not directly solve the main reasons why ticks choose hosts in the first place, which are sweat and carbon dioxide. These two factors are what every tick looks for, and while tick repellents will make them less likely to end up on you, you’ll be a prime target without repellent.

If you are interested in learning more about the best tick repellents, find the complete article here.


May 9, 2023

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