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The Best Water Filters for Backpacking

A good water filter is essential for backpacking to remote locations. Heading out into the backcountry means you must source your hydration from rivers, lakes, or even dirty ponds. It’s critical that you remove bacteria and protozoa, and you may even want to invest in more premium filters to safeguard against viruses and reduce unwanted chemicals.

If you're backpacking, camping, or otherwise traveling to areas with questionable water supplies, it's wise to take a water filter. They're much lighter than carrying liters of bottled water, fit snugly into your pack, and are healthier for the environment.

Here are the best water filters for backpacking available today, written by Barry Peacock.


October 22, 2023

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Barry Peacock

Barry has had a passion for all things tech-related ever since he was given a Commodore Plus/4 computer as a child. Having spent most of his adult life traveling, teaching, and writing—often combining all three—Barry considers himself a "digital nomad." His current passion is travel gadgets, and he has been writing buying guides for around a year.

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