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Updating 72-hour kits

We previously shared checklists for emergency kits (aka 72-hour kits) and so I wanted to expand on that and point out a few things that we have since gotten to keep in our kits that I think you should add to yours as well if you haven’t already. Updating 72-hour kits regularly are important – so set reminders to do it about every 6 months.

First and foremost, we recently got a couple of water filtration systems from Sawyer that I am very excited about. We have a camp trailer and so we are going to keep one in there, and the other in our house. These are great because you can hook them up to your sink to get clean drinking water in case of emergencies, or you can keep them in your 72-hour kit in case you have to evacuate quickly.

I also am in love with the water bottle first aid kit we got from Team Rubicon! It is packed with medical supplies. We also got a backpack, food, beanie, gloves, solar-powered lamp/charger, small tools, a notebook, and more to help us be prepared.

Water filters are great for home and travel

We will keep one in our trailer for when we are camping, or if we have to take our trailer quickly and go. We don’t get very many “natural disasters” here in Utah, but I like to be prepared for every situation.

They also sell a 1-gallon Gravity Water Filtration System and a MINI Water Filtration System. These are all great options. I would recommend the MINI Water filters for individual kits. Then at least one of the TAP water filtration systems like we have. Learn more about Sawyer filters here.

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October 21, 2023

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