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How to identify common bug bites or stings and treat them properly

  • Bug bites are usually harmless and easy to treat, but it helps to know exactly what bit you.
  • Most bites or stings can be treated with anti-itch creams, cold compresses, or OTC pain relievers.
  • Some bugs, like ticks and kissing bugs, can transmit disease, so you might need to see a doctor.

Nobody likes bug bites. They are often itchy, irritating, and painful. But despite the annoyance, most insect bites, as well as stings, are relatively harmless and easy to treat.

Most of the time, anti-itch creams and pain relievers can help you refrain from scratching and allow the bite or sting to heal on its own. In some cases, however, indoor infestations may also require you to clean or exterminate your home to prevent further insect run-ins.  

Here's what you should know about the most common types of bug bites, how you can tell them apart, and the best way to treat them and stop the itch.

Warning: This article contains images of bug bites as well as fleas, bed bugs, spiders, ticks, and other insects on humans.

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July 20, 2022

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