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How Graphene Will Revolutionize Thru-Hiking from The Trek

Every few years we get hype around a specific item or material that changes the game for thru hikers. Whether this be personal GPS devices allowing for navigation and rescue, Guthooks Guides in 2012, the Sawyer Squeeze, or more recently in 2016/2017 Cuben Fiber (now marketed as Dyneema), all these technological advancements fundamentally change the hiking game in terms of distance, speed, share-ability and do-ability of thru hiking. It has enabled us hikers to be better equipped with up-to-date routes, water source information and allowed us to upgrade to lighter and more durable gear, eventually getting us further, faster.

A lot of this technology has made it easier for us to get out and stay outside for longer, but it has also increased the dependency we have on the batteries inside our phones, GPS devices, bluetooth headphones, and cameras. Now a new material promises a change in the way we hike: introducing Graphene.

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October 20, 2023

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The Trek

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