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Gifts For Hikers – 2020

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  • Under $25
  • $25 – $40
  • $50 – $100
  • Over $100

These hiking gifts are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who loves hiking, backpacking, camping, or the outdoors. And unlike other hiking gift lists, everything on this list has been used and tested by me, a professional hiking guide. I only include hiking gifts that will be useful for someone who loves hiking, backpacking, camping, or the outdoors.

For more gift ideas, you can check out all of my top gear picks, or visit the REI Outlet website, which often has deeply discounted gear.

Here’s one last tip before I show you the gifts. I recommend buying from REI. REI offers free shipping on orders over $50, they have a great return policy, and you can get 10% back on everything for the rest of your life simply by purchasing an inexpensive REI membership.

Top 10 Gifts For Hikers

  1. National Parks Posters Deluxe 2021 Wall Calendar – $10.99 at  Amazon
  2. SOL Emergency Bivy – $16.95 at REI
  3. Celestron Nature 10 x 25 Monocular – $39.95 at REI
  4. Garmin Instinct Hiking Smartwatch – $229.99 at Amazon
  5. National Geographic Maps – from $12 at Amazon
  6. Goal Zero Crush Light Chroma Lantern – $24.95 at REI
  7. Garmin InReach Mini – $350 at REI
  8. Smokey the Bear & Other Hiking T-Shirts – from $29.95 for women and men at REI
  9. America the Beautiful National Parks Pass – $79.99 at REI
  10. Hyperlite Daybreak Backpack – $195 at the Hyperlite Store

Hiking Gifts Under $25

An inexpensive hiking gift doesn’t mean a cheap hiking gift. There are plenty of gifts that don’t cost much but are still very cool and useful. Here are the best hiking gifts for a limited budget.

"This is the easiest, lightest filter I’ve ever owned. It filters water quickly and safely. I’ve used it on many backpacking trips and it filtered water for four people in no time at all." REI Review

Water on a hike can be challenging. You can’t just drink from any mountain stream anymore, but having the small and lightweight Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System ( REI Amazon ) solves the problem easily. The filter screws onto any Smartwater (or similar) bottle and gets out 99.99999% of all bacteria and protozoa, including salmonella, cholera, E.coli, and giardia. All you do is fill your water bottle up in any stream, lake, or even puddle, and the filter cleans it while you drink. The system also comes with attachments to hook it up to a hydration bladder (aka a Camelback).

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October 29, 2023

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Sawyer has an alternative [to DEET] made with Picaridin, which works just as well without spoiling your clothes.

James Wong
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Zinzi Edmundson, the founder of Treehouse newsletter, who gardens in Maine, suggests spraying your shoes, especially (she uses Sawyer’s permethrin).

Laura Fenton

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I carry bottles of water, but I also have a Sawyer squeeze water filter. Also, if it’s cold, make sure you sleep with your water filter in your sleeping bag, so it doesn’t freeze.

Shilletha Curtis