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Hike the Appalachian Trail Through the Smokies: The Ultimate Guide

The Appalachian Trail runs for over 2,190 miles from Georgia to Maine. While there are several section hikes to choose from for those not looking to thru-hike it, the stretch through Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a bucket list item for many.

I was lucky enough to hike this incredible stretch of trail with two of my dearest friends as part of what has become a tradition of choosing to endure physical suffering for my birthday. Before the hike, my two friends hadn’t met each other, but I knew the pairing would be perfect. And, on a trail as unforgiving as the AT through the Smokies can be, having an abundance of confidence in and love for your companions ranks as high as well-fitting hiking shoes, in my opinion.

By the time the three of us finished the AT through the Smokies, I can only say that I loved these two women more than ever and I will cherish those miles together for the rest of my life. Even though some were really dang hard.

If you’re looking to hike the AT through the Smokies, below, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to jumpstart your planning, including:

  • Overview of the AT Through the Smokies
  • How Many Days to Plan for Hiking the AT Through the Smokies
  • Trailhead Parking and Shuttles for Hiking the AT Through the Smokies
  • Where to Camp on the AT in the Smokies
  • AT Water Sources in the Smokies
  • Points of Interest Along the AT Through the Smokies
  • Other Tips About Hiking the AT Through the Smokies
  • Best Gear for Hiking the AT Through the Smokies
  • Additional Smokies Articles From the Light Feet Blog

My hope with this blog is that you, too, can hike the AT through the Smokies and solidify your bonds with loved ones along the way, meet new faces that become a part of your lifelong story, or simply heal whatever needs healed on the way.

Keep reading the full blog, written by Korrin Bishop here.


October 22, 2023

Written by
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Korrin Bishop

Gossamer Gear

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