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Sunscreen That Stays Put? I’m In! Sawyer Sunscreen Product Review

What do you think of when you think sunscreen?

Me? I think greasy, slimy, smelly and runs-in-my-eye-oh-god-it-burns.

BUT I have to wear it. I’m actually very pro-sunscreen if there is such a thing. I wear it religiously and am constantly telling others to put it on as well (like my cross country kiddos that seem to think they are immune to the sun’s damaging rays). Sun protection is very important to me for the obvious reasons like preventing skin cancer but also because I’m prone to getting sunburnt very easily with my ginger-like skin (I call myself a half-ginger since my hair is red-tinted, I have fair skin, and I have a TON of freckles/moles). Even though I am a regular sunscreen wearer, I do HATE putting it on and dread the moment I start sweating for fear that it will drip in my eyes and sting!

Sunscreen is notorious for feeling gross on your skin, sweating off and running into your eyes when you sweat – i.e. not good for runners. I’ve tried multiple brands with the marketer’s promise of “dry feel” or “non-runny” but usually, I just go with the cheapest on the market knowing they all are the same and none of them work.

Until now!

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May 8, 2022

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