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10 Best Backpacking Water Filters In 2021

Written By David Hamburg

The Best Backpacking Water Filters

1. Sawyer Products Squeeze Backpacking Water Filter

2. Sawyer Products Mini Backpacking Water Filter

3. LifeStraw Water Filter

4. LifeStraw Go Bottle Water Filter

5. Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter

6. Sawyer Products Squeezable Pouch Water Filter

7. Grayl Ultralight Compact Purifier Bottle Water Filter

8. LifeStraw Family 1.0 Portable Gravity Powered Backpacking Water Filter

9. Etekcity Water Filter Straw Camping Water Filter

10. MSR MiniWorks EX Hiking Water Filter

Whether you are at home or out on a trail, you need clean water to keep your body healthy and hydrated. Though you need a lot of water when you are up for a physical excursion like hiking, carrying, a lot of it isn’t a viable option as it is quite a weight to bear on your shoulders. That is why getting a backpacking water filter is common among hikers as it provides an unlimited amount of clean and safe water without adding much weight to your back.

But choosing a backpacking water filter can be difficult though as there are many different types of it, with different sizes, filters, containers, chemicals, and capacities.

That’s why we have taken the initiative and gone through several reviews to list down the 10 Best Backpacking Water Filters In 2021 along with a guide that helps in filtering the right option. Once you have finished reading this guide, you’ll know exactly what type of filter you need


December 3, 2023

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Globo Surf

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At Globo Surf we love all things water. In fact, our passions are so strong we have made it our mission to personally help as many people as possible to get the right gear in order to have the best day out in the water as possible.

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