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The 20 Best Water Bottles

It’s a seemingly simple, somewhat overlooked item — the water bottle is just … a water bottle, right? Wrong — in fact, quite wrong. As companies and consumers look for ways to be kind to the environment, attention has naturally turned toward making improvements in every possible area — in this case, the plastic water bottle you’re used to picking up at the airport, the gas station, before your commute or after a workout … it’s a thing of the past. That’s all thanks to the approach taken by many of our favorite gear and fitness brands.

The best water bottle should, first and foremost, be reusable, made from eco-friendly materials and made to blend right in with your everyday carry. How does that work, exactly? Well, some water bottles feature an air of durability and usability that your everyday carry also provides. Crucially, depending on its construction, your daily water bottle should also last a heck of a long time while minimizing the environmental damage even one plastic water bottle a day can do.

The best water bottles also feature an air of innovation and sleek design, the kind you don’t quite get with a plastic bottle. It’s an approach to your lifestyle that’ll have you wondering why you ever did it the old way — and it’ll help you do your part for the environment from day one.

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December 3, 2023

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