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Sawyer Squeeze Review

Simple filtration that is lightweight and reliable for individual use.

Our Verdict

If a lightweight personal filtration system is next on your wishlist this season, consider the Sawyer Squeeze as your next favorite piece of gear! This durable filtration system proves to be lightweight with unmatched versatility in a crowded market. It is perfect for one or two people and features a 3-in-1 design. You can drink water directly from the source through the filter, connect it to your hydration bladder, or squeeze water into another bottle. It easily packs into a small running pack and almost disappears in your backpacking bag. While we love this filter so much, we know that the bags it comes with are flawed and will break after many uses. This flaw isn't fatal, and since the filter is compatible with a traditional water bottle top, many other vessels like a hydration bladder, many collapsible bottles, or a plastic water bottle can be substituted instead. Overall, this is our favorite personal water filtration system because of its lightweight, versatile, and reliable design, which is extremely affordable. Check out how it compares to the competition in our article on the best backpacking water filters.

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March 28, 2024

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Sawyer has an alternative [to DEET] made with Picaridin, which works just as well without spoiling your clothes.

James Wong
Freelance Writer

Media Mentions

Zinzi Edmundson, the founder of Treehouse newsletter, who gardens in Maine, suggests spraying your shoes, especially (she uses Sawyer’s permethrin).

Laura Fenton

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I carry bottles of water, but I also have a Sawyer squeeze water filter. Also, if it’s cold, make sure you sleep with your water filter in your sleeping bag, so it doesn’t freeze.

Shilletha Curtis