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Nick Brooks and Training for a Race with his Son

What was the catalyst to train and participate in the Philmont with your sons?

- I was invited by Scoutreach (Atlanta Area Council), a division of Boy Scouts of America that emphasizes service to rural and urban areas, to lead a group of scouts with a couple of other  adult leaders to go to Philmont Scout Ranch. They mentioned that if I was able to participate, my son would be able to go as well! We had always planned for my boys to participate in a “High Adventure” trip, so we definitely didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity. Once we were a few months out and had received all the details on what to expect and how to prepare, we started to train. 

How has this experience transformed your relationship between you and your boys?

- Kinda hard to answer…. But it’s been neat to watch my oldest son plan and prepare for this trip. I do a lot outdoors with my boys. From camping, backpacking, canoeing, and fly fishing, we get out there. Also, he’s pretty sharp on navigation and map reading skills as well. So because of all the time we spend outside along with all the different activities, preparing for this has been easy for him (actually for us). Instead of my telling him what to bring and how to pack, he’s been more like a planning partner! I love to watch him grow in skill and confidence. 

What does training look like? We would walk 2-3 times a week in our neighborhood with our packs on. I would also do crossfit during the week as well. And then on the weekend we would do a longer hikes out on a trail with our packs. Sometimes we would get the other adults and boys to join us.

One word to describe fatherhood… 


Thoughts above by Nick Brooks.


October 3, 2023

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Nick Brooks

Nick Brooks is the founder and owner of  Outdoor Gear and Beer, an outdoor education based company that aims to get people in the outdoors while enjoying craft beer. He is the first born of triplets from Decatur, Georgia. He has always been drawn to the outdoors from an early age.  As a young African-American city kid, activities like hiking, camping, fishing, sailing, horseback riding and virtually all things outdoors were just a normal part of his life.  As an adult, he naturally found himself also working seasonally in the outdoor industry. He has also enjoyed partnering with local environmental organizations and working on different service projects around the Atlanta area and the southeast. Currently,  he is a Scoutmaster for Troop 1906, proudly sponsored by the men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. in East Point, GA. Nick also sits on the council for Outdoors For All, an event in Old Fort, NC who’s organizational mission is to provide a space for a diversity of thought leaders, industry partners, community participants, and outdoor enthusiasts to unite and discuss ways we can collectively work together to create a shared equitable outdoor community for all.

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