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According to eco-traveler and Trinidad native Noami Grevemberg, seeing the world via her tricked-out van is truly a life-changing experience. In 2021, she set out to explore Alaska on four wheels, and it was one for the history books. While that trip wasn't her first ride into the "van life," she says that it just simply exceeded her expectations.

"The state's breathtaking natural beauty and rugged natural places left me in awe," Grevemberg shares. "I found myself constantly stopping to take in the majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and glaciers that surrounded me."

To date, the Diversify Van Life founder and Living the Van Life author has navigated 10 countries, 3 of which—Canada, Mexico and Australia—she took on in her vehicle. While she travels this way often, she hopes to do a bit more international travel this year, and hopefully even get her van into some cool places as well.

"My travel style can be described as adventure travel, with a focus on slow travel and immersing myself in local cultures," she shares. "I love taking the time to explore each destination thoroughly and getting to know the people and their way of life."

Here, Grevemberg schools us further on the joys—and beauty—of the van life and how we can navigate Alaska like a pro, plus tips on how to pack for unpredictable weather situations.

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October 3, 2023

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DeAnna Taylor

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