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The 6 Best Mosquito Repellents, According to Our Tests

Stay bite-free with these lotions and sprays.

There’s nothing worse than enjoying an evening al fresco, tinkering in the garden or camping in the wilderness only to have a swarm of mosquitoes ruin it. Not only are mosquito bites an inconvenience and a nuisance, but they can even be potentially dangerous. Fortunately, there are mosquito repellents that can help combat these pesky flying pests.

Finding the perfect mosquito repellent can feel overwhelming, though, given the myriad formulas on the market containing DEET, picaridin and other active ingredients. And it’s hard to know what’s safe and effective, especially for children or those with sensitive skin. We’ve researched, spritzed, sprayed and slathered on some of the leading bug-repelling products to find the best mosquito repellents available. Read on to discover our top picks for keeping yourself bite- and scratch-free.

Check out the the full article written by Maria Olsen here.


April 12, 2024

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