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60+ Best Gifts for Hunters 2021: Unique, Must-Have Hunting Gifts

If you’re having a hard time picking out gifts for hunters and fishermen this 2021 holiday season, I understand. We’re a picky group of oddballs who aren’t exactly easy to buy for. Just ask my wife.

There are loads of obvious choices that might spring to mind when considering the best gift ideas for hunters. Many of them are straightforward, like knives, boots, or game bags. But, what about more unique choices like cool hunting gadgets, mouthwatering elk meat, or gag gifts for the hunter that likes to laugh?

That’s why I’ve created this buying guide that’s full of unique ideas for the hunters and fishermen who have everything. Because, even if the outdoorsman in your life already has all of 2021’s best gear, I bet you can still find a great gift for them on this list.

Let’s dive in.

Unique Gift Ideas for Hunters Who Have Everything

Portable Espresso Maker

Hunting can and will exhaust you, which is why having caffeine at the ready is really important. Get your fix in just a couple of minutes with this portable espresso pump that weighs under a pound and fits easily in your jacket pocket. Just add boiling water, pump, and — BOOM — restaurant-quality espresso.

Sonic Boom Exploding Rifle Targets

Deep down inside every hunter, there is a big ol’ kid. Let that kid have a little fun now and again, and give them the gift of gnarly explosions and loud booms. These exploding targets will make for a not-so-ordinary day at the range and will put a smile on that big ol’ kid as they practice their shot.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

This tiny 3-ounce water filter has made countless ultralight backpacking gear lists and would work great for long-distance hunting as well. It eliminates an incredible 99.9% of harmful microbes that cause Giardia or Cryptosporidium. Give safe hydration (and peace of mind) to a parched hunter dear to you.

Crap Taxidermy Book

Kat Su made a book of taxidermies gone wrong, and it’s so funny that I nearly spit my drink out every time I open it. This conversation starter is sure to entertain the hunter in your life and whatever company comes walking through their door. If you like to give the gift of laughter, this book is a great idea.

You can read Josh Riley's complete list of best gifts for hunters here.


December 3, 2023

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