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The Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List

Sunscreen's a given, but it's not the only necessity.

Wrriten by Madison Flager and Meghan Kenny

Finalizing a beach vacation packing list requires a slightly different strategy than other kinds of trips: For one, preventative measures like sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats are non-negotiable. Then there’s the sand, the wet clothes, and the keeping-kids-happy, if you’re traveling with young ones, to factor in. Before you jet off on your next beach vacation, be it to Miami, Maui, or the Maldives, consult our ultimate beach vacation packing list below—it's filled with all the essentials you might forget, from the waterproof tech bag that’ll protect your cell phone to the best towels for every kind of beach trip imaginable.

Beach trip essentials:

Clothing & shoes

  • Lightweight clothing
  • Cover-ups
  • Robe
  • Swim goggles
  • Water shoes


  • Sun hat
  • Beach tote
  • Reusable bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Dopp kit
  • Water bottle

Skincare & beauty

  • Sunscreen
  • After-sun lotion
  • Bug spray
  • SPF lip balm
  • Antibacterial wipes

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June 7, 2023

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Madison Flager and Meaghan Kenny

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A 20% DEET Premium Controlled-Release Lotion will work well against mosquitoes, but Dr. Zimring says he prefers the 20% Picaridin lotion since it also protects against ticks, gnats, chiggers, and flies. (In both instances, he recommends Sawyer brand.)

Rachel Schultz
Editorial Director


Part of spending time outside means battling ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting insects. For this, Nelson swears by permethrin.



And out of the products we tested, Dr. Zeichner highly recommends Sawyer Products 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent.

Samson McDougall