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Best Products to Keep Ticks Off Your Body

It seems like most everywhere you put your boots to the ground, there is something out there that’ll bite, stick, or prick you. There are all kinds of critters, pests, and plants that can leave their mark on your body if you get too close.

And while some might live in fear of bears and the boogieman, ticks seem to be a much more common threat to hunters and outdoorsmen when they step into the woods in the warm weather months.

So how you do you go about repelling these tiny blood suckers? What can you do to prevent them from making the journey to your skin?

Below you’ll find some of the best products to keep ticks off your body as you spend time hunting, working, and hanging out in the outdoors throughout the spring, summer, and early fall months. Thankfully, there are more tick preventative products available today than ever before.

Here’s a look at some of the best products to help you keep ticks off your body this year. Find the complete article written by Brodie Swisher here.


October 3, 2023

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Brodie Swisher

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This repellent is easy to apply and effective without staining clothes.

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Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent uses 20 percent picaridin to protect against ticks, mosquitoes, black flies, gnats, and other biting insects. It provides up to 12 hours of protection, so a little bit goes a long way.

Maggie Slepian

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Sawyer’s 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent delivers long-lasting protection against pesky insects like mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and gnats. Formulated with 20% picaridin — an odorless, non-greasy alternative to DEET — you can count on this spray to provide up to 12 hours of protection against mosquitos and eight hours against other bugs.

Clarissa Buch Zilberman