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We’re excited to present the Rigs of the 2021 Oregon Timber Trail! Find photos and details on more than 20 bikes that will be taking on the challenging and beautiful singletrack-heavy route for the OTT700 Grand Depart this weekend. The roundup includes information about the rig and gear each of this year’s riders are bringing along for their 540-mile journey…

The Oregon Timber Trail is a 670-mile backcountry mountain bike route spanning Oregon’s diverse landscapes from California to the Columbia River Gorge. The route travels through a variety of scenery, communities, ecosystems, terrain, and, most importantly, mountain bike trails, with singletrack making up more than half of the route.

COVID-19 restrictions delayed last year’s inaugural grand depart, but the organizers are back for 2021, and although the playing field isn’t the biggest we’ve seen, those brave enough to sign up are certainly in for a beautiful and challenging ride. The actual route this year is closer to 540 miles due to closures in Mount Hood National Forest. We worked with the organizers and riders to compile a list of 20 rigs that will be out on the route this year, and as always we’ve included key details on their bikes, bags, and favourite gear.

The northbound riders take off just south of the Oregon-California border at Lily Lake Campground at 7 a.m. on July 10th. There are currently 19 riders registered on Trackleaders, although there are likely some others out there as well. Follow along live here.

Explore all of the bikes that will be taking on the Oregon Timber Trail, written by Miles Arbor here.


May 5, 2022

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