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How to Plan Your First Kayak Trip – Lessons from the Everglades

Jennifer Pharr Davis is a record-breaking thru hiker, entrepreneur, mother, public speaker and published author. Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about pushing through new and uncomfortable experiences. Or so she thought! Read on to find out what she and her family experienced on a recent kayaking trip in the Everglades and tips for how they will plan their next kayak trip to Everglades NP differently.


My family and I went on a three day / two night paddle in Everglades National Park last year. I wish I could say it was life changing. In a way, I guess it was. In that my husband may never convince me to go on another paddle for the rest of my life. I’m kidding. I think.

We learned a lot. A lot that can be applied to future trips and a lot worth sharing with other paddle newbies like ourselves. So in an effort to let our pain and suffering not go to waste, I will share a thing or two with you here.

But first, some context. We are adventurers. We have spent a LOT of time in national parks. Our kids are young (9 and 5) but I would say they’re tougher than most. My husband grew up taking weeklong river trips with his family as a teen. And we get on the water a half dozen times or so every summer.

We did our homework. We talked to a friend who convinced us this would be a good idea. He’s someone we trust. Well, used to trust. I’m kidding. I think. But he had done these trips for years with his sons. They’re big into fishing and they come down from New Hampshire every January. We came down from North Carolina in April. There were big differences between his experience and ours. Here are a few of them.


February 21, 2023

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Astral Archetype, Jennifer Pharr Davis, is an internationally celebrated adventurer, author, mother and business owner who set the fastest known time on the Appalachian Trail. We caught up with the force of nature, herself, to learn more.


“There is no harm in hoping for the best as long as you are prepared for the worst.” Stephen King.

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