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This Garmin inReach Mini 2 bundle deal is cheaper than buying the device by itself

Pick up the inReach Mini 2 satellite communicator, plus a Sawyer squeeze bottle water filter, and save $55

Right now, you can pick up the Garmin inReach Mini 2 satellite communicator bundled with a Sawyer water filter for $379.07(opens in new tab). That's a saving of over $55 off the regular price of both items, and cheaper than buying the InReach Mini 2 by itself.

The Garmin inReach Mini 2, which launched in February, is a tiny satellite communication device that lets you stay in touch and summon emergency help even in remote areas. You can send two-way text messages to friends and family, share your GPS location, navigate back to the start of your run or hike using Garmin TracBack, and send an SOS to emergency services from anywhere in the world.

If you're not in the US, scroll down this page for the best Garmin inReach Mini 2 deals near you.

It comes bundled with a convenient squeeze bottle style water filter from outdoor brand Sawyer, which removes silt, harmful bacteria, and microorganisms from natural water sources. It has a flip-top sports cap. which lets you drink directly from the filter or use it to fill a water bottle.

Right now the InReach Mini 2 costs $389.99(opens in new tab) and the water filter costs $29.08(opens in new tab) when bought individually, so this is a really impressive deal ahead of Christmas.

If you're not in the US, we've rounded up the best deals on the Garmin inReach Mini satellite communicator for you here. Bear in mind that in order to use the device's communication functions, you'll also need a Garmin inReach subscription(opens in new tab).

Read more about the deal here.


December 8, 2022

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While DEET products may be more familiar by name and their chemical smell, sprays with 20 percent picaridin, like Sawyer Products, offer comparable protection without the harsh odor and oily feeling on your skin.

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The Sawyer Squeeze was (by far) the most common Pacific Crest Trail water filter this year – for the fifth year in a row. It’s a $39, 3 oz / 85 g hollow fiber filter that rids your drinking water of protozoa and bacteria (and floaties). It can be used with Sawyer bags (included with the filter) or with compatible water bottles (Smartwater is the bottle of choice for many hikers).

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SAWYER MINI WATER FILTER, $22 This has been my water filter of choice for years now. The bags can be iffy — I have had a few break – so carry a couple. However, the filter itself is reliable, light and inexpensive. -Logan

Bikepacking Team