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Level Up Your Camping Game

Part of the fun of camping is needing very little gear to stay outdoors. But it’s also nice to have a comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable campsite. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced camper, you may find that you want to upgrade your camping kit beyond the basics. Which is why we have rounded up a number of items that can take your camping game to the next level.

GoSun Solar Assisted Flashlight

Keep the GoSun Solar Assisted Flashlight close to you whenever you’re camping because it will come in handy at night. The GoSun Flashlight packs an impressive 280 lumens of on demand light into a compact design. The rugged aluminum body withstands accidental drops, as well as light passing showers and splashes without compromising performance. The ultra-bright LEDs maximize light penetration when you’re walking through camp and the lantern mode will brighten up night cooking, dinner, books, and card games, while the magnetic back allows for hands free use. It has an integrated solar panel that permits slow charging using solar energy alone, but can also be recharged quickly with the included USB cord. MSRP $


Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter

From way off the grid camping trips to quick weekenders, the Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter System provides compact water purification, allowing you to drink directly from streams and lakes. With a total field weight of 2 ounces, the Micro Squeeze easily fits in your pack or pocket without the bulk or weight of traditional water filters. This versatile option for wilderness water treatment enables you to filter water directly from the included Squeeze Bag into your preferred water bottle, drink directly from the Squeeze Bag or connect the filter directly to most any threaded water bottle, including standard pop bottles. The ultracompact, lightweight, reusable Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filtration System is a quick and easy way to enjoy clean and safe drinking water wherever you go camping. MSRP $

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October 20, 2023

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Mark Ranum

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Another option is a physical filter, which takes out any debris and bacteria to make water completely safe to drink. Mejia recommends the Sawyer Squeeze, which comes with a fill bag and is incredibly easy to use.

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Everything from Sawyer is super highly rated and effective. They’re fragrance-free and dry/set nicely, too.

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