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CNOC Vecto 2L Review: Makes Collecting and Filtering Water Easy!

For beginner backpackers, dialing in your water filtration system is something that can take time. When I first discovered the Sawyer Squeeze, I was blown away at how quick and easy filtering water can be.

The Sawyer Squeeze filtration system comes with its own water pouch to collect, carry and filter water. I began my AT thru-hike using Sawyer’s bag, and while it definitely got the job done, it was constantly leaking and found myself cycling between several bags within the first 400 miles.

I decided I wanted a more durable, longer lasting water container, but I didn’t know of any other options. That was until I ran into several hikers using a CNOC Vecto 2L water container. I watched as they collected water in a matter of seconds, while it took me much longer with a Sawyer or Platypus bag.

Around 1,500 miles into my AT thru-hike, I decided to make the switch to the CNOC Vecto 2L … and I quickly began questioning why I hadn’t done so sooner.

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to collect 2L of water thanks to the Vecto’s dual opening design, with a wide mouth on one end, and a smaller, water filter-compatible opening on the other. Along with its lightweight yet durable build, this water container is the best on the market in my opinion.

Max Kiel gives more detail on the CNOC Vecto 2L bag & other accessories its compatible with here.


October 20, 2023

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