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Best Emergency Essentials Kit, Checklist and Products

The purpose of the emergency essentials kits is to provide the highest priority, most critical survival gear in organized, modular kits to help you get home or get to the nearest help. The kits can be moved from one larger kit to another (i.e. transferring from your day pack to your backpacking pack or go-bag.) You want the essentials with you as often as possible.

Survival Essentials (Personal Kit)

There are three critical survival essentials pouches you should build or buy first. Since they are modular and portable they can be carried in coat pockets, purses, brief cases, day packs, go bags, etc. They are absolutely must-have and the gear should be considered critcal.

  1. Essential Gear - Contains the bare minimum gear to survive away from home in a pinch
  2. First Aid - Contains the bare minimum supplies and medications to fix up your body and keep you healthy
  3. Toiletries - Contains essential hygiene supplies

Each person in our household has their custom version of these three pouches. We also added a version of these three pouches to each vehicle including the ATV. Seems like a lot of duplicate gear but we always have supplies handy and we all know how to use them.

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May 7, 2022

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