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You know that moment when you realize there's a much easier way to do something you do frequently? (Like watering your houseplants without a self-watering planter or washing your pint glasses without an elongated scrubber?) Yeah, you'll never get that time back — but once you figure out the hacks, you won't have to do those things the old way anymore. To help you out, I've rounded up the most genius products on Amazon that you'll be ticked off you didn't buy sooner. They'll help you take the easy route while you're completing day-to-day activities.

For instance, if you've ever thought of the most brilliant idea ever while taking a shower — and then forget about it once you stepped out — you probably needed this waterproof notepad. And if you've thrown all of your laundry into one big pile and then ended up with rips and broken zippers post-wash, you might've benefited from these mesh wash bags. Oh, and if you've been guilty of sipping a soda and then leaving half the can to go stale, you could've used a can saver. You live and you learn, though.

Just because you didn't buy these products sooner doesn't mean you can't buy them now. Just think: How many of these things will make your daily chores easier, faster, and less frustrating? The answer is all of them.

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May 6, 2022

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Of all the creepy crawlers, ticks keep me on high alert. They can be very tiny in the nymph stage and difficult to see. They love to hang out in tall grasses along the trail and hitch a ride on hikers passing by. I plan on treating most of my clothes and gear with Sawyer Permethrin.

Joanne Gigliotti


Ultra-compact and lightweight

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I would often just drink directly from the sawyer squeeze if I was feeling lazy- which by the way works wonderfully.

Rachel McVittie