Sonya and Necota Staples

Staples in Tents

Necota and Sonya Staples make up the duo of Staples InTents, Atlanta based camping, adventure travel and lifestyle bloggers. College sweethearts, they have always had a passion for travel, but after several years, found themselves in a challenging place in their marriage and discovered camping as a way to say yes to each other and yes to the world. Necota and Sonya's passion for outdoor adventure rejuvenated their love for each other, and gave them a common purpose, while allowing them to play to their individual strengths. After only a few years as overlanders, they have traveled from east to west coast multiple times and internationally to South and Central America to explore and to share their experiences about camping, overlanding, cultural exchanges, and nature, with the hope to inspire others to get outside of their comfort zone.

Staples couple smiling in forest

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